Motion Desk / Fursys

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Motion Desk / Fursys, enAble series

Working in a standing position increases work efficiency while maintaining health.

  • Adjusts to between 650mm and 1170mm with an electric-powered height control mechanism in accordance with body types and working styles of the user.
  • Easy wire management : Horizontal multiplug (6 hole multitap + 2 hole Lan-port)
  • Polyurethane edge applied on the front edge of the desk for user’s convenience,
  • Intuitive switch : A switch that marks height and then stores the configured height.
  • Spacious storage space is secured with installation of hanging drawer at the upper panel.
  • FDD014J : 55″W x 31″D,  FDD016J : 63″W x 31″D,  FDD018J : 71″W x 31″D

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