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ITIS2 series / Fursys

The ITIS2 series feature stylish lines for a modern look. The backrest with urethane-mesh finish provides optimal support, and various adjustable settings quickly and easily make the chair conform to any body type. Ergonomics and aesthetics are both prominent aspects of this great chair.

  • Emphasizing the European image by creating an elegant line.
  • With meshed backrest, it is excellent in permeability, and flexibility and especially it is excellent in durability.
  • Height adjustable / angle adjustable(rotation) headrest (CH2800AH)
  • The synchronized tilt system helps users to maintain a comfortable working posture.
  • Tilting strength adjustable / multi locking level(4 level) / gas type height controller.
  • Height adjustable lumbar support, height and width adjustable armrest.
  • CH2800AH – Headrest, height-adjustable armrest and lumbar support come as optional.
  • CH2800A – Height-adjustable armrest and lumbar support come as optional
  • CH2811Z : Conference chair

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