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enAble office system / Fursys

In this new era of office furniture, an office that can be transformed freely for growth and that supports horizontal communication is necessary. enAble Series is designed to provide ergonomic design, convenient systems and unrestricted layout, representing a new office that increases work efficiency. The enAble office furniture system brings out an environment of creativity and a top choice for modern office furniture.

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Built-in multiple tap is located in the wiring tray of the surface, enabling easy connection to power from the desk ( Duck type desk ).

Duct cover with dual side open/close : A cover that opens regardless of direction, enabling the use of electrical outlet and cable connection with ease.

Creates a chic office space with diagonal legs for regular desks and slim base of motion desks.

Various colors are available for work surface, providing options to suit diverse office concepts.

Comforting fabric color : Natural color fabric creates a comfortable atmosphere for offices.

Magnet attachment : Steel plate is incorporated for easy management of memos using magnets.

Upper – Side storage space : Documents viewed frequently can be stored in an open storage space and additional accessories can be attached to accessory bar to organize office stationary.

Closet : Equipped with storage structure that can organize clothes in a tidy manner. Mirror and accessories net can be attached inside.

Lower – PC storage space : Large items such as mainframe computers and bags can fit in the lower storage space that is openly zoned.

Pedestal :

  • Pen trays and dividers can be combined to form a storage space of a desired structure.
  • 400mm wide compact size drawer offers a spacious space under the desk.

Motion Desk : Working in a standing position increases work efficiency while maintaining health.

Motion desk Intuitive switch : A switch that marks height and then stores the configured height.