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EXPACE Series / Fursys

The EXPACE Office Furniture features the “spine” panel, a new design concept that houses numerous network wires and cables neatly inside the Spine panels. The Spine-base system serves as a backbone for flexible office layouts, freely accommodating desks, shelves, low walls, storage cabinets and other accessories. Desks and cabinet units can be arranged as needed without wire and cable restrictions.

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EXPACE Features:

  • Spine in IT Office: The spine panels house numerous cables and provide secure access to electrical power and the computer network, serving as the backbone of the office wiring system. The desks as well as the other office furniture can be positioned as desired, allowing for maximum IT utilization.
  • Spine in Open Plan office: The spine panels that make up the wiring system back bone are also the spatial boundaries in the open office. Desks and other furniture can be laid out various configurations within this framework; the workspace is structured yet can be altered as needed .

The EXPACE desk can be moved easily at any time.The aluminum legs are attached without having the bolts exposed.

Privacy can be maintained for any layout configuration, as a screen can be attached on the desk worktop and a modesty panel can be added when necessary.

A handy tray for stationary is placed on the top front corner of the 3-drawer storage cart.

The various storage units included in the EXPACE series provide each workstation with sufficient room for effective data management.

The overhead cabinets  offers storage space as well as a magnetic board for users on both sides. the cover material is available in various colors.

The elegance of the 2 and 3-high cabinets is enhanced by rounded aluminum protectors on the corners.

Side panels can be attached to the spine to subdivide the space. Screens are also available for both the spine and desks to increase the degree of privacy for individual users.

The extruded aluminum frames meet at a 45° angle, and the separate parts assemble without exposing bolts. The corners are nicely finished to boost the elegant appearance.

The screens are affixed to the spine’s aluminum frame with die-cast brackets. They remain solidly in place and look stylish.

The accessory panel can hold various items and serve as a magnetic board.