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FX-1  Series / Fursys

The Fursys FX-1 provides a minimalist design to create an open and creative workspace. It is a complete workstation series with everything from desks surfaces, panels and storage units to accessories that provide style, space and work efficiency. FX-1 allows you to create a simply smart work environment that will not only inspire and motivate success, but also satisfy your personal and professional needs.

The FX-1 series from Fursys  is a complete and a contemporary office cubicle furniture set in terms of modern design. The office cubicle workstation is fully equipped giving a platform for one to create to make their workspace enjoyable. The Next Generation FX-1 series is almost like a platform allowing one to customize their setting allowing efficiently in a working office environment. The office cubicle workstation is an enjoyable environment which creates efficiency in a work place.

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In FX-1 you may find Wire Management, Durable and attractive Work Surfaces, Top & Tall Storages, Hanging Components, a great variety of colorful Tile Panels and much more.

  • Cable duct fits both cables and plugs. Attached push-open type cap allows for tidy and convenient cable management.
  • Work Surfaces: Solid White (WW) and wood-grain (UA) finishes are available. Solid white desk surface has a silver lined edge for a sophisticated look. Slim, silver legs provide a tasteful modern look.
  • Top storage units serve a double function as storage and space divider. Units are available in an assortment of color fabric panels.
  • The desk screen provides privacy on the top and bottom of the desk surface. The slim design, with fabric finish, creates an attractive appeal. The magnetic screens allow for posting of memos and photos.
  • Cable ducts and holders built inside of panels allow for tidy, convenient cable management.
  • Panels and storage units can be arranged in a number of ways to create a customized layout that will maximize the user’s work efficiency.

Assortment of colored fabric panels : Choose from a range of color fabric panels to transform your office into a fun and vibrant or a relaxed and soothing place to work.

Slim frames with a smooth finish : End cover over strong, slim steel-frame edges provides a stylish look that is slick and smooth.

Translucent stacking panel : Place a translucent stackable panel on top of general panels to add coverage without obstruction the view.

Smart belt tile : Open tile covers at 120 degrees for better view of wire conduits and allow two-hand work during wire installations.

Hanging shelf or cabinet : Attachable open shelf or cabinet can be hung from any panel.

Countertop : Countertop may be attached to the top of a panel to be used as a reception desk.

Supportive desk legs : Supportive desk legs provide strong support for hanging desktops. For cost-effectiveness, one supportive leg can support two connected desktops at once.

Choose of colors for desk surface : Solid white (WW) and wood-grain (UA) finishes are available. Solid white desk surface has a silver-lines edge for a sophisticated look.

Office Cubicle is a personal work space for employee to separate themselves slightly allowing them to have their own personal space. They’re usually 4-5 feet away from their coworkers separating themselves for the slightest distraction such as: keyboard clicking, cell phone clicking, ringtone, pen and pencil writing, paper flipping etc. The beauty of office cubicle is creating a personal room for your co workers. The idea of a cubicle is creating a room in a room. The work space is divided by walls and station which by standard includes a office desk, pedestal, office chair, computer, and telephone. All these items is a dedication room for all office workers allowing them to efficiently work in a proper work environment.

Office Cubicles – Perfect Height ?

When it comes to Fursys office cubicles, they are different setting of heights. Depending on your business and lay out, the office cubicle traditionally come in 3 different heights. Below you can see the difference between the 3 sizes, (42”, 54”, 60”). The low office cubicles is typically a business with a open setting; privacy is not what your getting. The Low Size office Cubicles is perfect for a business setting with open communication but yet you still have your personally station created by the office cubicle. The Medium Office Cubicle is your standard size; arguably, most office workspace uses the medium size office cubicle allowing a team setting but most work is done at your personal work station. The Tall Office Cubicles is mostly used for private meeting, personal meetings, etc. The tall size office cubicle allows a feel for a personal station due to the high size office cubicle. You tend to see banks have high size office cubicles when they are sitting down with their clients.

Office Cubicle Sizes

  • Low = 42” Office Cubicle Height

  • Medium = 54” Office  Cubicle Height

  • Tall = 60″ Office Cubicle Height




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