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The MEGAPLAN panel system is easy and safe to install, and its unrestricted wiring and structural durability provide a clean, professional look. This outstanding design includes an assortment of accessories that enhances efficiency and increase storage space.

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  • Worksurface: MEGAPLAN offers a large selection of worksurfaces and modules to meet all your needs in various layouts. Available in selected solid colors and wood grained laminate finishes, hanging worksurfaces trigger diverse color combinations in module units and workstations.
  • Storage Unit: Storage spaces in pedestals, lateral file cabinets, hanging shelf cabinets and open shelves free up spaces for other purposes such as reception or meetings.
  • Hanging Component: Ergonomically designed for natural workflow, hanging desktops are available with standard or PUR-molded edge. Combination of straight or L-desk tops with connectors and extensions creates optimal workstation for specific work requirement.
  • Frame & Wire Management: Vertical frames of the MAGAPLAN series are roll-formed to rectangular cross-section for unsurpassed structural integrity. Patented Cam connector quarantees easy assembly as well as perfect alignment. Designed for trouble-free wiring for all layouts, MEGAPLAN series fully accommodates cables from all OA equipment, and cable clips and guides eliminate through-the-frame wiring for simple and easy wiring or rewiring.
  • Tile: MEGAPLAN tiles use high quality fabrics for pleasant and aesthetic presentation, and offer large selections such as smart belt tiles for convenient wire management, PCM tiles for easy maintenance, and marker board tiles and glass tiles.

Worksurface : Worsurface modules are designed to accommodate both collaborative and individual work style.

Extra worksurface : Angel bullet extension provide extra worksurface or space for brief meetings.

Counter tops : Installed in various modules, counter tops are fixed to panels. Besides standard laminated counter tops, joint-free artificial marble tops are also available.

Power and other lines from below are fed through durable Silicon corner caps in all PUR-molded edge desk tops.

Frame : Guides on the top of the frame facilitate easy and safe assembly as well as perfect alignment.

Storage Unit : Attached to the panels, overhead shelf cabinets and open shelves transform spaces above panels into storage. Accessory bars allow space for work tools.