Motion Desk / Fursys

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Motion Desk / Fursys, enAble series

An office furniture product allowing working in a standing position increases work efficiency while maintaining health.

  • Adjusts to between 650mm and 1170mm with an electric-powered height control mechanism in accordance with body types and working styles of the user.
  • Easy wire management : Horizontal multiplug (6 hole multitap + 2 hole Lan-port)
  • Polyurethane edge applied on the front edge of the desk for user’s convenience,
  • Intuitive switch : A switch that marks height and then stores the configured height.
  • Spacious storage space is secured with installation of hanging drawer at the upper panel.
  • FDD014J : 55″W x 31″D,  FDD016J : 63″W x 31″D,  FDD018J : 71″W x 31″D

The Motion Desk is a popular office furniture desk trending in all office work spaces. The Motion desk allows you to either have your desk low or high electronically. This office furniture product allows you to sit on your chair and work on your desk which is a classical look. You also have the option to have your desk high which allows you to stand which can be comforting for your personal health or set a different working environment which allows you to share a table with your client or other office work people. This modern office furniture product definitely sets a different tone and can arguably be called a hybrid desk with the different options and necessities it includes for your office work space.

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