“As is” Standing Lift-Up Desk

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“As Is” Special Sale – Standing Lift-Up Desk

Standing height desks promote good posture and leads to a more healthy and active lifestyle.

  • Dimension: 27.5″W x 20″D x 4″ to 17.5″H
  • Vintage Black laminate top / Black steel base or Maple top / White base
  • Simple and smooth operation: Smooth operation when adjusting the height by applying gas cylinder. Simple and easy operation allows the user to reach the desired height in seconds.
  • Optimum height for comfortable eyes and neck: When using a monitor that is too high or low the eyes and throat easily become fatigued.
  • The lower base of the desk is finished with luxurious injection. The deserters are carefully designed to increase the completeness of the invisible parts.

Call for a price: (213)746-2000 or (714)736-5400

Category: Sit to Stand