VIM/Multipurpose Board

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Multipurpose Board / Fursys VIM
  • Multipurpose: Works as the partition of space, magnetic board for posting various items with ease, and etc.
  • Composed of two different model: (CRN529F) Free standing model and (CRN5109C) Connecting model betwen two CRN529Fs.
  • VIM, which pursues stylishness and refinement, thus, uses extruded aluminum posts and die-cast aluminum bases.
  • Connectors can be applied to any part of the vertical pipe. However, it is encouraged to apply it to which two horizontal frames are met.
  • 881, 883, 884A, 885: Four different colors of fabrics to choose from.
  • Free standing model (CRN529F) : 48″W x 26″(4.6″)D x 75″H
  • Connecting model (CRN5109C) : 40″W x 1.5D x 75″H

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